It is time to reach out and save our nation for the future generation

Under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call for a universal completion of upper secondary school education by 2030 of which current completion rate in low-income countries is a meagre 14% which is abruptly below average and threatening to actualization of this vision.

BGAI in collaboration with this vision initiates the ADOPT A CHILD BACK TO SCHOOL CAMPAIGN to close the gap as much as possible to eradicate illiteracy by encouraging and and providing a transparent platform and opportunities for philanthropists and well meaning individuals to genuinely reach out to indigent children whom their parent can’t afford school fees.

Out of School Kids (OSKs) are listed on our website with a comprehensive profile in our Data Base for purpose of easy assessment and verification for prospective adopters.

It is time to reach out and save our nation for the future generation; with the overwhelming population boost. We are the solution and help our nation needs, we can empower our teeming youths with the essence of education, encourage them to reach to their highest possibilities and nurture their intellectual, creative minds and phenomenal talents which without proper harness remains a burden than of resourceful value.